F5 DNS Automation Demo 12.1.x

This is a Demo of using the F5 Python SDK to automate the process of deploying BIG-IP DNS.

Lab 1 will cover the process of connecting to UDF 2.0.

Deploying without Automation. This will cover the basic steps of:

  1. Adding BIG-IP servers to BIG-IP DNS
  2. Creating BIG-IP DNS Cluster

This provides some context of what the automation will be performing.

Additional optional exercises.

  1. Creating BIG-IP LTM Virtual Server and Pools
  2. Creating BIG-IP DNS Virtual Server and Pools
  3. Creating BIG-IP DNS Wide-IP

During Lab 3 we will utilize the F5 Python SDK to script the steps that were previously performed manually. The Application Services iApp will also be leveraged to provide Service Catalog of L4-L7 services.

In Lab 3 we launched the automation scripts via ssh/shell scripts. During this lab we will utilize Jenkins to perform the automation steps.

Jenkins can provide a more standard way of deploying and monitoring the health of automated workflows.

The goal of this lab is to demonstrate how complex automation tasks can be hidden behind a generic automation engine. In this case the deployment is in UDF 2.0. Running through the Lab demonstrates how easy it is to change the destination to AWS or Azure or private cloud environments with keeping the shim layer unchanged.

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